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Fitzpatrick, Elyse

A Woman's Idols
Am I My Sister's Keeper?
Anorexia / Bulimia
Are You Smiling at the Future?
Called to be His Helper
Counseling Adult Victims of Child Abuse
Counseling Angry Women
For Women Worriers - Part 1
(MP3 also available)

For Women Worriers - Part 2
(MP3 also available)

Gospel-Centered Counseling
Helper by Design - Part 1
Helper by Design - Part 2
Helping Women Prioritize Their Lives
Her Needy Heart (Women & Adultery)
Idols of the Heart #1
(MP3 available)

Idols of the Heart #2
(MP3 available)

Love to Eat, Hate to Eat (1999)
Love To Eat, Hate To Eat (2000)
Portraits of Mary of Bethany, Pt 1
Sexually Dysfunctional Women
Steadfast Heart: Experience God's Comforts in Life's Storms
Strengthening the Empty Nest
Uncovering Your Idols - Part 1
Uncovering Your Idols - Part 2
Understanding Disorderly Eating
Victim Issues
Women Counseling Women
Women- Unique Servants, Unique Sinners
Won Without a Word
Worry- Are You Smiling At The Future?

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