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Bradshaw, Wade

A History of Re-inventing Jesus
A History of Search for the Historical Jesus
Animal Rights, Robot Rights, Human Rights (1997)
Are We Better than God? Pt 1: Is God A Bully? (MP3 Available)

Are We Better than God? Pt 2: Is God Shy?
Church Growth & Temptation of 'Relevance'
Do Angels Have DNA? Why The Current Fascination
Ethos vs Doctrine(MP3 available)

Fear the Lord
First Christian Historian- St. Augustine / City of God
Gerard Manley Hopkins - Part 1
Gerard Manley Hopkins - Part 2
Going Beyond Cynicism
Has God Lost His Name in a Postmodern Culture? (MP3 Available)

Hope for Cynical Christians (L'Abri England)
How The Bible Will Function in the Next Century
Human Rights, Animal Rights and Robot Rights - Part 1 (1999)
Human Rights, Animal Rights and Robot Rights - Part 2 (1999)
Is God Angry? (L'Abri England)
Is God Angry? (U.S., 1998)(MP3 available)

Is God Fair? (MP3 available)

Is God Open?: Challenges To Providence
Is There Hope for Cynical Christians? (U.S., 2003) (MP3 available)

John The Baptist (MP3 Available)

Keeping God Distant
Living without Religion (MP3 Available)

Searching for a Magus- Searching for Paulo Coelho (MP3 Available)

Shaking Hands With Ourselves- Intro to Postmodernism
Spectators but Not Spectating- Art of Watching Film
The 21st Century- Deja Vu of the 19th?
The Future According to the Movies
The Gift of Creativity / The Creation Mandate(MP3 available)

The Salem Witch Trials & How We Learn History
The Second Missionary Problem- Non-Christians are Nice People Too!
What's Beneath Culture? Questions to Answer
Who's on Top of the Mountain? Are There Many Ways to God?
Why Nobody Is a Fool These Days (MP3 Available)

X-Rated History- What Historians Teach About Sex

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