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FULL CAPS denote multi-part series available here as single lectures. See "Multi-part Series" for complete sets.

20th CENTURY LITERATURE - 4 Lectures
An Evening with W.H. Auden
Books for Reading for Pleasure
C.S. LEWIS - 3 Lectures
C.S. Lewis: Prophet for Such a Time as This
Cinema: Its Process and Products(MP3 available)

England Before and After Wesley(MP3 available)

Forgetting to Remember: Loss of Christian Memory(MP3 available)

Higher Education
In Love with Shakespeare: How To Read The Bard (L'Abri England)
In Love with Shakespeare: Reading the Bard for All He's Worth (U.S., 2002)
Influence and Impact of Television #1
Influence and Impact of Television #2
John & Charles Wesley: Biblical Understanding & Worship
John & Charles Wesley: Their Contributions
Men and Women in the Contemporary Novel
Modern Myths and Unreal Utopias
Narnia: The "Evergreen" Chronicles (MP3 Available)

No Place for Truth: What's Happened?
Prayer(MP3 available)

Problems of Identity and Self Confidence
Problems of Spiritual Depression
Some 20th Century Authors in English Literature
Some Thoughts on "Hamlet"
Some Thoughts on C.S. Lewis (L'Abri England)
Some Thoughts on C.S. Lewis and the Post Christian Mind (U.S., 2002)
Some Thoughts On Macbeth
T.S. ELIOT - 3 Lectures
The Crucial Importance of Biblical Doctrine
The Influence & Impact of Television
The Place And Purpose of Literature
The Purpose of Literature(MP3 available)

The Status of Man In The Modern Novel
Towards A Christian Philosophy of Literature
Trends In Modern Education (1991)

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