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Fellows, Andrew

A Lament for the Lack of Lamentation in the Contemporary Church (MP3 Available)

Acts, Chapter 4:1-31
Building Cathedrals within Time: A Look at the Sabbath (MP3 Available)

Christianity & Culture: A Quest for Social Identity(MP3 available)

Cultivating a Counter-Consciousness: The Christian Mind
Fantasy & Imagination (MP3 Available)

Grace, Discipline and Freedom: Detachment
How Do Idols Work in the 21st Century?
Idolatry, Flesh and Addiction: Attachment
Integrating Left Brain and Right Brain. . .(MP3 available)

Jesus, Socrates and the Power of Questions
Jesus: The Subversive Apologist
Narcissism: The World View of Self
Paganism Strikes Back: Ancient Spirituality
Perspectives on Heaven and Hell
Real World: Supernatural Universe & Spirituality
Recovering Beauty, Goodness and Truth
Schizophrenic or Psychosomatic?
Self at the End of 20th Century
Symbols, Imagination, and Spiritual Reality
The Glory of God(MP3 available)

The Sacrament of the Present Moment(MP3 available)

The Worldview of Self - Where Did It Come From?(MP3 available)

U2 and the Search for Spiritual Reality
Understanding Our Cultural Times(MP3 available)

What Is a Relationship? #1 (MP3 Available)

What Is a Relationship? #2 (MP3 Available)

What Would it be Like to Meet a Prophet?(MP3 available)

Why Introspection Is Deadly
Why the Information Revolution Has Not Made Us Wiser (MP3 Available)

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