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Grooms, Greg

"How To" Christianity: Chain of Command
A Non-Scientific Perspective on Evolution & Creation
Animism, Aristotle & Revolution in Biology - Part 3
Are Christianity & Science Campatible?
Aristotle, Alchemy & Revolution in Chemistry - Part 4
Breaking Faith- Irrationality In Modern Science
Breaking Faith- Modern Science In Crisis
CHANCE VS. LOGOS - 3 Lectures
Civil Disobedience
Evolution & History- Hegel, Darwin & Idea of Progress #1
Evolution & History- Hegel, Darwin & Idea of Progress #2
Exchanging How for Why- Modern Science
Faithfulness in the Ordinary
Fingerprint of God- Implications of Design
Four Views of Evil
Genes, Human Nature & Society- Sociobiology
Is Conservatism Christian?
Liberation Theology
Liberation Theology / G Guitierrez
Modern Science, Modern Irrationality
Natural Law- Self-Evident Truths
New Physics / New Age
Non-Scientific Perspective of Evolution
Of Minds & Men I- The Fragmentation of Man
Of Minds & Men II- Artificial Intelligence
Pietism- Salt Without Flavor
Pros & Cons of Reconstructionist Movement
Reason, Experience and Knowledge
Relativity- Quantum & New Age
Scientific Revolution in Cosmology & Physics #1: Cosmology
Scientific Revolution in Cosmology & Physics #2: Physics
Stephen Hawking's Universe
Stephen Jay Gould & Punctuated Equilibrium
Surrogate Parenting
The Abortion Battle In 1990
The Implications of Design
The Importance of God's Revelation
The Liberation Theology of Gustave Guiterrez
The Problem of Evil
The Roots of Modern Science
The Scientific Roots of The New Age Movement
Theistic Evolution
Towards A Christian Philosophy of Science
What Do We Mean, "The Bible Is Inerrant"?
What Does Inerrancy of Scripture Mean?

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