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Haack, Denis

"Just Do It": Taking a Breath in an Ocean of Advertising (MP3 Available)

A Cry of Quiet Desperation- The Music of Radiohead
All that Glitters- Christian View of Success
American Beauty- A Christian Film Review
Beeps in Busyness- Find Rest in Technological World (MP3 Available)

Ethics in Babylon- Morality as Depicted in Modern Film
Ethics in Babylon- Morality Depicted in Modern Film
Faithfulness in the Ordinary (MP3 Available)

Flickers of Meaning: The Way Ahead, Depicted in Film (MP3 Available)

God, Images & Stories: Film & the Things that Matter Most
Grace in the Dark, God's Glory & Films of Babylon (MP3 Available)

Harry Potter- Dangerous Paganism or Fun Read?
Of Matrix & Men- Technology & Humanity in Modern Film
Screening the Past- Discern How Film Treats History
Splintered Light: God's Grace on Media & Popular Culture
Taking Offense: How to Respond in a Decaying Culture (Mp3 Available)

Tasteful Tolerance- "Chocolat" and Pluralism in Film
The Movie 'Wit' and the Poetry of John Donne
The X-Files- The Truth is out There
Worldviews in the Dark- Film/Perspective of Biblical Faith

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