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Hodges, John

20th Century Turning Points in Music: John Cage & Postmodernism
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A Requiem for All Mankind: Brahms' Heart Set Free
Aesthetics and Music
Ancient Music: Greek & Early Christian Readings in Aesthetics, & Our Postmodern Culture
(MP3 Available)

Augustine and Music
Bach / Rembrandt / Reformation
(MP3 Available)

Bach in a Moment: J.S. Bach's Music & Worldview
(MP3 available)

Beauty in Music
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Building a Music Collection for a Lifetime
Christian Approach to Art
Christian Contemporary Music
Creation Oratorio of Haydn: Nothingness to Glory
Creation, Creativity & the Work of the Artist
(MP3 also available)

Down from the Mountain: The Heart of Gospel Music
Elements of Music
Ethics & Art: Les Miserables & Reflection of Virtue
Feeling Jazzed: America's Contribution of 20th Century
Grace of Rhythms
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How the Orchestra Works
How To Help Children Appreciate Music
How To Listen to Music
Keeping Time with Music: Composers Interpret Ideas
Listening: Developing Musical Discernment
Music & Beauty: A Face of God's Glory
(MP3 Available)

Music & Beauty: Aesthetics & Evangelism in 21st Century
Music of the 20th Century - Part 1
(MP3 available)

Music of the 20th Century - Part 2
(MP3 available)

Musical Feast for Heart & Mind: Music of JS Bach
(MP3 available)

Musical Images of Creation, Fall and Redemption
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Of Fiddles & Bones: The Orchestra
Postmodernism in Music:Spiritual Pluralism of Glass & Tavener
Technological West Meets Orthodox East: John Tavener
The Angels Sing: History of the Gloria in Music
(MP3 also available)

The Requiem in the Hands of Mozart, Verdi and Brahms
The Vision of God's Goodness in Church Music
The Word of Truth & Beauty of Music: Brahms' "A German Requiem"
(MP3 also available)

Theme of Redemption in the Musical "Les Misrables"
Theology Through the Arts Project - A Report
(MP3 Available)

Training Young Ears To Listen to Music
Transforming All of Life: MUSIC
Understanding the Orchestra
What Happened To Music? - Part 1
What Happened To Music? - Part 2
Whatever Happened to Music on Way to 21st Century?
(MP3 available)

Wonder of Human Voice in Music of Arvo Paart
(MP3 available)

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