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Ingram, Jim

Acts, Corinthians & Economic Law
Alvin Plantinga's Response
Beyond 2000- Theology of Technology for 21st Century
Can We Still Believe in Historical Revelation?
Conservative Ecumenism & Political Alliances
Critique of Postmodernism
Cyberspace- Signs, Sounds & Images
Dialogue with a Relativist
Discerning the spirit(s) of Our Age
Econmc Issues- Coming Elec.
Ethical Roots of Economic Law
Evangelicals & Economics
Evolutionary Naturalism & the Meaning of Life
Globalism and Localism
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God Has Been Here- Why it Matters
How Does God Help Us Live Moral Lives?
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Is God Necessary for Morality?
Karl Marx- Alienation/Revolution vs Sin/Redemption
Living With Evil in a Denying World
Marriage- Practical Christian Living
Millenial Fever and the Y2K Bug
Modernism, Postmodernism and the New Age
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Moral Value, Virtue and Truth
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New Directions, Christian Apologetics
New Trends In Economics
Persuading A Postmodern World of Truth of Gospel
Postmodernism- Development in History of Thought
Postmodernism- Trends and Tendencies
Question & Answer - Parts 1-2
Question & Answer Part 3-4
Relationships, Choosing & Staying
Sanctification's Messages
Saviour of Modern Conservatism
So Why All The Confusion About Evil?
Sowing the Seeds of Unbelief
T Aquinas- Epistemology I - Part 7
T Aquinas- Epistemology II - Part 8
T Aquinas- Ethics I - Part 9
T Aquinas- Ethics II - Part 10
T Aquinas- Ethics III - Part 11
T Aquinas- Life, Work & Influence I - Part 1
T Aquinas- Life, Work & Influence II - Part 2
T Aquinas- Metaphysics I - Part 3
T Aquinas- Metaphysics II - Part 4
T Aquinas- Metaphysics III - Part 5
T Aquinas- Metaphysics IV - Part 6
Technlgy- End of Modernism
Technology and Embodiment
Technology and It's Influence on Community
Technology and The End of The Self
The Author Steps on the Stage- God is Here
The End of the American Era- Euroland?
The Evidential Argument From Evil
The Existential / Religious Problem of Evil
The Free Will Defense
The Greater Good Defense
The Making of A Christian Mind - Part 1
The Making of A Christian Mind - Part 2
The Making of A Christian Mind - Part 3
The Making of A Christian Mind - Part 4
The Making of A Christian Mind - Part 5
The Making of A Christian Mind - Part 6
The Making of A Christian Mind - Part 7
The Problem of Conservative Ecumenicism - Part1
The Problem of Conservative Ecumenicism - Part2
The Spirit Behind the Reagan Revolution
The Trajectory- Can We Guess Where We Are Going?
The Urgent Need For Christian Scholarship
Theology of Tech 1- Technology & embodiment
Theology of Tech 2- Technology & end of self
Theology of Tech 3- Influence on community
Theology of Tech 4- Where are we going?
Theology of Tech 5- Q & A Part 1-2
Theology of Tech 6- Q & A Part 3-4
Understanding Economics
Wealth, Poverty & the Gospel (Ronald Sider)
What Does The Bible Say About Economics?
Why Generation X Doesn't Believe
Why Should We Try to Live a Moral Life?
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Will Truth Survive in the New Millenium?

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