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Mangalwadi, Vishal

Courage of Conviction - Dare to Be a Daniel (MP3 available)

Discussions Following Film- "Gods of New Age"
Hinduism and the Wounded Civilization that is India
Hinduism In Historical Perspective
Is Christianity a Western Religion?
Mysticism- Reason, Intuition and Revelation (MP3 Available)

Observations: Festival of Mind, Body, Spirit
Poverty and The Gospel
Raising the Cross Over Hollywood (MP3 Available)

Reincarnation and The New Age
Reincarnation and the Romantic West- Will the Real Guru Please Stand Up?
Technology and Filling the World with the Knowledge of God (MP3 available)

Technology and the Third World
Technology: Humanization and Dehumanization(MP3 available)

The Bible - The Soul of Western Civilization? (MP3 Available)

The Challenge of Other Religions
The Gospel, Not Gandhi, Set India Free
The World of the Gurus #1
The World of the Gurus #2
The World of the Gurus - Focus on India (1996)
The World of the Gurus - West Looks East
Truth and Social Reform
What Ails the Religion of Mohammed?
Wisdom from the East? - Astrology
Wisdom from the East? - Yoga

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