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McGregor, Jock

"Blue Like Jazz" - A New Kind of Christianity?
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A Tale of Two Titanics
An Introduction to Postmodernism
Apologetics 1- The Christian Mind
Apologetics 10- Kurt Cobain & Cult of Self-Dest.
Apologetics 2- Introduction to Worldviews
Apologetics 3- Introduction to Apologetics
Apologetics 4-
Apologetics 5- Death of Modernity / Search of Meaning
Apologetics 6- The New Age Movement
Apologetics 7- Postmodernism, Panacea? Pandora?
Apologetics 8- Madonna, Icon of Postmodernity
Apologetics 9- Generation X & Dilemma of Meaning
Apologetics To The New Age
Christian Hope in the Face of Unfathomable Evil
Contact in the Cosmos- Sagan & Search for Intelligence
Contemporary Idols of the Postmodern Generation
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Contemporary search for community - Part 1
Contemporary search for community - Part 2
Evaluating the Arguments and Motivations Behind Religious Pluralism
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Evangelicals and the Inclusive/Exclusive Debate
Gender in Genesis
Glory and Grace After 9/11
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Madonna- Icon Of Post-Modernism
Making the Most of Movies (2002)
(MP3 Available)

Making the Most of Movies (2007)
(MP3 Available)

Making the Most of Movies (L'Abri England)
Moral Despair and Christian Hope
(MP3 available)

Moral Despair And Options For Hope
Postmodernism and Apologetics
Postmodernism and Evangelism
Postmodernizing the Faith- Evangelical Responses
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Reality TV- Can Culture 'Survive' Latest Media Trend?
Religious Pluralism & Question of Truth
Screen Violence
(MP3 Available)

Screen Violence
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Screen Violence- social sick. or scapegoat
Social Action And Evangelism
Spiritual Warfare
(MP3 Available)

Surviving the Temptation of Reality TV
The "Emerging" Challenge to Sola Scriptura
(MP3 Available)

The "Emerging" Challenge to the Biblical "Foundations" of Evangelicalism
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The Challenge of Spiritual Warfare
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The Christian Mind
(MP3 Available)

The Conforming Impotence of Postmodern Faith
The Death of Modernism and Searching for Meaning
(MP3 available)

The Shifting Currents of Religious Pluralism
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The Spirituality of L'Abri
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The X-Files and the New Superstition
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Underlying Currents in the Rising Tide of Religious Pluralism
Was Francis Schaeffer the First Postmodern Theologian?
(MP3 also available)

What Is A Christian Worldview?
World View Workshop
(MP3 Available)

Worldviews Workshop
(MP3 Available)

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