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Middelmann, Udo

A Call for a More Definite Agenda
Academic Freedom? Values & World Views
Armaments, War and the Christian's Relation to the State (earlier lecture)
Armaments, War and the Christian's Relation to the State (later lecture)
Ascending to Jerusalem - Part 1
Ascending to Jerusalem - Part 2
Ascending to Jerusalem - Part 3
Ascending to Jerusalem - Part 4
Basis for African Development
Biblical Concept of Law
Biblical Roots of Western Civilization
By Consent of Governed- Politics & Right of Dissent
Can We Still Believe in God after Auschwitz?
Change- Our Cultural Revolution
Choice of Foundations - Part 1
Choice of Foundations - Part 2
Choice of Foundations - Part 3
Christian Economics & Unbiblical Developmentalism
Christianity & Science I- Keppler, Galileo & Newton
Christianity & Science II- Limits of Scientific Model
Christianity & Science IV- Science & Christian Faith
Christiantiy & Science III- To Build a Sound Science
Contentment In Shifting Times (New Year, 1979/1980) (MP3 Available)

Control or Creativity?- Relief and Development
Cultural Transformation - Part 1
Cultural Transformation - Part 2
DEUTERONOMY - 22 Lectures
Developing Nations & Effective Assistance
Disney Effect in Church- Plausibility Problems
Ecclesiastical Economics Is Envy Exalted
Exploitation of Liberation Theology
Foundation for Legal Training
Foundations of a Christian World View I
Foundations of a Christian World View II
Foundations of a Christian World View III
Francis Schaeffer & the Roots of L'Abri
Freedom or Poverty in Asia?
Freedom or Poverty in the Future of Asia?
Glasnost, Perestroika & A Changing Europe
Helping Children Understand Ecological Problems (MP3 Available)

Hidden Marxism In Contemporary Christianity
Implications of Truth
In Search of Death
In Search of Death / Confusion In Peace Movement
Intellectual Climate of Reform- Economic - Part 2
Intellectual Climate of Reform- Historical - Part 1
Intellectual Climate of Reform- Political - Part 3
International Development- Missing Element
International Development- The Missing Element
It's Time To Accept The Charge
Language: Describing Reality
Law in Theory and Practice
Liberation Theology- Will It Liberate?
Limits on Selfishness
Loss of Perspective - Part 1
Loss of Perspective - Part 2
Man - Morals - Meaning: Witness to the End of the Earth
Marriage: Craft For Life, For Better or Worse
New Avant Garde
Our Divided Culture
Paul and Margaret
Predeterminism- Solving An Alleged Problem - Part 1
Predeterminism- Solving An Alleged Problem - Part 2
Property with Responsibility- Good Samaritan (MP3 Available)

Recapture the Framework (MP3 Available)

Recovering Biblical View of Creation
Responsible Aid To The Third World - Part 1
Responsible Aid To The Third World - Part 2
Roots of The Modern State
Scope of Wisdom
So They Tell Us Again To Think- But Why?
Social Justice Movement
Social Responsibility of Evangelicals
Survival On The Job / Work Ethic
The Christian and The State
The Christian Faith- Faith With An Agenda
The Christian Faith- Special Interest Groups
The Christian In Government
The Christian in the World
The Peace Movement
The Social Responsibility of the Church
Those 'Useful Fools' (Critique of Social Justice)
Tolerance and Christian Truth
Treason of the Intellect
When Did You Last See a Hittite?- View of History (MP3 Available)

Work Ethic
Work- Expressing Creativity
World Hunger
World View and Alienation - Part 1
World View and Alienation - Part 2
World View and Education
Worship Service - Part 4
Zachaeus- A Little Man with A Large Longing

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