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Schaeffer, Edith

A Little Girl Who Had Two Names
A Way of Seeing
Affliction '89
Affliction - Part 1
Affliction - Part 2
Affliction- "Tribulation Worketh Patience" - Part 7
Affliction- A Crack in the Curtain - Part 3
Affliction- Aborting Affliction - Part 11
Affliction- Affliction, Evangelism & Guidance - Part 9
Affliction- Cracked Teapots - Part 6
Affliction- Message from Stephen & Paul - Part 2
Affliction- Practising Contentment - Part 12
Affliction- School for Comforters - Part 10
Affliction- The Museum in Heaven - Part 4
Affliction- The Museum's Other Section - Part 5
Affliction- The Refining Process - Part 8
Affliction- Update 1990
Affliction- Why? Why? Why? - Part 1
Afflictions and the Goodness of God
Art of Prayer - Part 1
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Art of Prayer - Part 2
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Banquet Address- Dr. Schaeffer's Death
Bird's Eye View of The Bible - Part 1
Bird's Eye View of The Bible - Part 2
Challenging the Superficial
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Closing Comments- Literature Conference
Common Sense Living (Nehemiah)
Created In Image of Creator to Be Creative
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Dealing With Discouragement
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Finding Truth in a Skeptical World
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Free To Be A Woman - Part 1
Free To Be A Woman - Part 2
Free To Choose? Man, Matter and the Mind
God's Guidance Carries To The End of Life
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How Can God Be God & I Pray?
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In The Beginning, God. . .
Liberty or Legalism in Family and Church?
Marriage - Part 1
Marriage - Part 2
Marriage and Sex
More On The Family
Nehemiah- Today's Broken Walls
Prayer '89
Prayer and Guidance
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Prayer and Preparation
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Reading From "Forever Music" - Part 1
Reading From "Forever Music" - Part 2
Renewing Spiritual Resources Through Prayer
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Striving for Excellence In Arts
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Study on Prayer
The Art of Life & The Courage to Be Creative
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The Just Shall Live By Faith
The L'Abri Story - Part 1
The L'Abri Story - Part 2
True Spirituality
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What Is A Family? - Part 1
What Is A Family? - Part 2
You Matter To God- You Are Not A Carbon Copy
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