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Seagren, Barry

5 Problems- Alleged Errors In Scripture - Part 1
5 Problems- Alleged Errors In Scripture - Part 2
A Brief History of Time
ACTS- Chapter 1-1-26
ACTS- Chapter 10-1-11-18
ACTS- Chapter 2-1-41
ACTS- Chapter 2-42-47
ACTS- Chapter 3-1-26
ACTS- Chapter 4-17-42
ACTS- Chapter 4-32-5-16
ACTS- Chapter 7-1-60
ACTS- Chapter 8-1-25
ACTS- Chapter 8-26-9-19
ACTS- Chapter 9-20-43
Assurance of Faith
Basic Christianity- The Truth, The Gospel
Biblical Inspiration
Canonizing The New Testament
Christian Basics- Assurance and Perseverance - Part 8
Christian Basics- Conversion - Part 6
Christian Basics- Creation and Fall - Part 3
Christian Basics- God - Part 2
Christian Basics- Jesus Christ - Part 4
Christian Basics- The Bible - Part 1
Christian Basics- The Christian Life - Part 7
Christian Basics- The Church - Part 10
Christian Basics- The Cross - Part 5
Christian Basics- The Future - Part 11
Christian Basics- The Holy Spirit - Part 9
Christian Evidences- Reasons for Faith
Christian Liberty
Christian Life & Scriptures
Church Priorities
Critique of Modern English Bible Translation - Part 1
Critique of Modern English Bible Translation - Part 2
Devotions In Proverbs
Divorce and Re-marriage
Divorce- The Hidden Cost
False Teaching & The 2nd Coming
Fault Finding / Unanswered Prayer
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Forgiveness- Bible Study
Formation of The Canon- Biblical & Historical - Part 1
Formation of The Canon- Biblical & Historical - Part 2
Galatians - Faith and Law
Galatians - Introduction
Galatians - Life in The Spirit-Not Flesh
Galatians - Paul's Apologetic Apology
Galatians - Practicality of Spirituality
Galatians - Sonship (Continued)
Galatians - Sonship Through Faith In Christ
Galatians - True Nature of Freedom
Galatians - Vindication of Paul's Authority
Gifts of The Holy Spirit
God's Power In Healing
Guidance and The Will of God
HEBREWS - 8 Lectures
History of the Charismatic Movement
Holy Spirit- Baptism and Fullness - Part 1
Holy Spirit- Fruit, Gifts, Witness - Part 2
Holy Spirit- Tongues, Healing, Prophecy - Part 3
Honour Your Father and Mother
Hypocrisy / The Lord's Prayer
Indwelling Sin
JAMES - 12 Lectures
Liberalism, The Bible and Its Critics
Love- A New Testament Word Study
Love- Ours for One Another & God's for Us
Man- The Image of God
Modern Physics & Modern Mysticism
Orthodoxy & Orthopraxy in the Church
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Peril of Possessions- Jesus Teaching Proverbs
Available singly here. See "Multipart Series" for complete set.

Predestination- A Positive Doctrine
Predestiniation In Perspective
Propitiation, Redemption, Justification & Reconciliation
Proverbs- Children / The Good Wife
Proverbs- Healing Words / Hurtful Words
Proverbs- Money / Sluggard
Proverbs- Wisdom, Adultery
Retaliation / Love Your Enemies
Serving Money / Worry
Sex & Marriage Ethics
Sexual Purity / Divorce
Thanksgiving- In All Things or For All Things
The Beatitudes- Salt & Light
The Biblical Mandate for Proving Christianity
The Church- A Continuing Apostate? / Community
The Church- Elders In The Local Church
The Church- Significance & O.T. Continuity
The Church- The Body of Christ & The Head
The Church- Worship & Sacraments / Choosing & Belonging
The Deity of Christ & Modern Bible Translations
The Gospel and The Critics - Part 1
The Gospel and The Critics - Part 2
The Law of God / Hatred & Murder
The Lord's Supper
The Narrow Way / Hearing & Doing
The Nature of Man- Heart, Flesh & Body - Part 2
The Nature of Man- Soul, Spirit & Heart - Part 1
The Resurection of Christ
The Sacraments- Baptism, The Lord's Supper
The Trial and Death of Jesus
The World, The Flesh and The Devil
Theology of Thanksgiving
Those Who Have Never Heard The Gospel
What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?
What Is Faith?
Who Is God?
Who Is Man?
Women In The Church, An Exegetical Study
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Work- Created, Fallen, Redeemed

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