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Smith, Jane Stuart

A Song From L'Abri
(MP3 Available)

A Summary of Bach- NOT AVAILABLE
Bach's Harpsichord Music
(MP3 available)

Bach's Organ Music
(MP3 available)

Beethoven- Life & Piano Music - Part 1
(MP3 available)

Beethoven- Symphonic Works - Part 2
Beethoven- The Last Quartets - Part 3
Brahms and His German Requiem - Part 1
Brahms and His German Requiem - Part 2
Cantata 106
Charles Dickens
Charles Ives
(MP3 Available)

Children's Literature
Christmas Carols
Czechoslovakia and Its Culture- Dvorak
English Composers of Early 1900's
(MP3 Available)

Francis Poulenc- Great 20th Century SongWriter
Franz Schubert
Frederick Delius and Nietzsche
Gabriel Faure - Part 1
Gabriel Faure - Part 2
Gustav Mahler- In Search of Meaning...
Handel's Oratorios
Hector Berlioz
Humour Lecture
Impressionism In Art and Music
Intro To Modern Music- Berg and Webern
(MP3 available)

Intro To Modern Music- Boulez & Stockhausen
Intro To Modern Music- Cage & Berioz
Intro To Modern Music- Dubussy & Schoenberg
Introduction To American Music
Introduction to Western Music
Lutheran Chorale
Maurice Ravel
(MP3 Available)

Psalms In Western Music
R & C Schumann- Key Musicians of Romanticism
Renaissance Music
Scott Joplin
Shakespeare and Music #1
(MP3 available)

Shakespeare and Music #2
(MP3 available)

Shakespeare and Music #3
(MP3 available)

St. Matthew & St. John's Passions
Survey of Western Music - Part 1
Survey of Western Music - Part 2
The B Minor Mass
The Bible, Birds and Music
The Bronte Sisters
The Chicken Lecture
The Grandeur of Sibelius
The L'Abri Ensemble - Part 1
The L'Abri Ensemble - Part 2
The L'Abri Ensemble - Part 3
The L'Abri Ensemble - Part 4
The L'Abri Ensemble - Part 5
Trends In Twentieth Century Music
Venice and Henirich Schultz
Verdi- The Man And His Music
(MP3 available)

Vivaldi and Venice
Wagner - Part 1
Wagner - Part 2
Wagner- Lecture Recital
Wagner- The Ring of The Niebelungen

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