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* Multipart Series *

In-depth studies of counseling issues

Be a People Helper (3 Lectures)
Opportunity & responsibility; biblical vs. secular models; helping; requirements for being effective

Being a Fulfilled Husband / Wife (2 Lectures)
Being a fulfilled & fulfilling spouse

Conflict Resolution in Marriage (4 Lectures)
Identifying conflict & causes; the benefits of biblical resolution

Counseling Adolescents (2 Lectures)
Typical problems they face; methods of communicating

Counseling Incest Cases (2 Lectures)
Methods, needs and getting the right people involved

Counseling Persons in Crisis (2 Lectures)
Developing Unity in Marriage (8 Lectures)
God's blueprint; being fulfilled & fulfilling spouses; sex, finances, parents-in-law

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts (2 Lectures)
How to discover & use your spiritual gifts

Effective Communications (4 Lectures)
In the family, the church and with others

Effective Parenting (2 Lectures)
Responsibilities of both mothers and fathers

Faith Building (3 Lectures)
The place of prayer & commitment

Getting Along with In-Laws (2 Lectures)
From parents' and children's perspectives

God's Blueprint for Marriage (2 Lectures)
(The first 2 foundational lectures in the series, "Developing Unity in Marriage")

Handling Family Finances (2 Lectures)
Biblical principles for better understanding

Handling Rejection and Hurts (2 Lectures)
Loneliness and Self-Pity (2 Lectures)
Making Decisions (3 Lectures)
The need for making decisions; a Biblical basis for the steps required

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression (2 Lectures)
Overcoming Impatience and Discontentment (2 Lectures)
Rearing Children (4 Lectures)
Family leadership; what to avoid; bringing up children; what to do when they rebel

Relaxing from Stress and Fear (4 Lectures)
How to handle stress; finding rest of soul; learning to relax; overcoming crippling fear

Solving Problems Biblically (2 Lectures)
(MP3s Available)

Special Marriage Problems (2 Lectures)
Dealing with marriage break-up; divorce, and what follows

What Makes You Tick? (8 Lectures)
Your inner & outer man; influences of the inner & outer man; daily renewal; the issue of responsibility; what is your body for?; Christian meditation

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