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Wickert, Dan

(M) A Biblical Theology of Compassion
(M) Compassisonate Care of Women with PMS/PMDD
Biblical Approach to Difficult Ethical Questions
Chemical / Hormone Imbalance / Genetic
Contemporary Medical Issues
Counseling and Prenatal Diagnosis
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Counseling Depressed Persons
Counseling Infertile & Those Who Miscarry
Counseling Patients Who Are Depressed
Counseling People Who Are on Psychological Drugs
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Counseling Persons Who're Depressed
Counseling the Depressed
Counseling Those Who Are Depressed
Depression through the Lens of Old Testament Characters
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Friend/Foe? Physician, Biblical Counselor
Hormones, Genes & Chemical Imbalances
Hormones, Genetics & Chemical Imbalances
Immorality, Infections & Implications
Infertility- Issues & Answers
Malpractice- Physician/Patient Suffering
MED TRACK- Contemporary Issues - Part 4
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MED TRACK- Counseling Depressed - Part 1
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MED. Helping Depressed Patients
Sexual Undrstndng With Your Spouse
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Counseling
Teaching Children About Sex
Understanding and Counseling Depression
Wanting a Baby & Losing a Baby

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